Innovation of Bosch Projects reduces cost of sugar processing

Bosch Projects, in conjunction with our technical partners in Thailand, have developed a short retention time (SRT) refined sugar conditioning silo. This new concept is currently being installed at a factory in Thailand and is sized to process 35 tons of refined sugar per hour.

The concept is derived from the latest developments in the science behind sugar conditioning. The SRT silo works in a batch sequence, making use of either 3 or 4 equally sized smaller silos. As 1 silo is being filled, 1 will be discharged and at the same time 2 silos will be undergoing conditioning phases that are staggered by 8 hours. The system is completely automated to give a continuous output of conditioned sugar to the packing station.

The process varies from conventional conditioning of refined sugar, the major difference being a smaller volume requiring a much-reduced residence time of only 16 hours compared to a conventional 72 hours.

The key to the SRT success is in the humidity and volume of air which is introduced during the conditioning phase. The air will pass through a filtration system before being de-humidified to a specific value and then into the duty blowers. Downstream of the blowers, the air will be cooled before being independently introduced into the two silos, which are in the conditioning phase. The SRT silo provides an economic benefit of reduced initial capital cost of the silo, and reduced conditioning time.

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