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Bosch Projects is a proud member of the Bosch Holdings group of engineering, construction and operations management companies.  Established in South Africa in 1961, Bosch Projects is fully committed to BBBEE development.

Bosch Projects has a proud record of serving both the public and private sector Clients, having successfully completed projects in more than 45 countries across the globe. Technical excellence is a cornerstone of our business and as a testimony to this , we have received numerous expert and project excellence awards.

We are proud partners in the development of Africa and the world.

Bosch Holdings

About Us

Bosch Projects is a proud member of the Bosch Holdings group of engineering, construction and operations management companies. Established in South Africa in 1961, Bosch Projects is fully committed to BBBEE development.

We provide innovative consulting engineering solutions in both the broader industrial and infrastructure sectors.

Offices are in Durban, Johannesburg, Pretoria, East London, Port Elizabeth, and Cape Town as well as international offices in Kenya, Brazil and the United Kingdom.

We have successfully completed projects in more than 45 countries including the Americas, Africa and South East Asia.

Bosch Projects also designs and supplies equipment into the sugar industry, in both South Africa and abroad.

Our company has a proud record of serving both public and private sector Clients in terms of technical excellence, and has received recognised product export and project excellence awards including CESA, SAICE and IMESA. We also have an excellent track record in both EPC and EPCM type contracts.

We are proud partners in developing Africa and the world.

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Quality Management

Bosch Projects follows a customer-centered Quality Management System (QMS), which complies with ISO 9001: 2015, and are audited by DEKRA annually.

Through continual improvement of its Quality Management System, Bosch Projects is committed to establishing and maintaining itself as a world class Project Management, Engineering and Technology company.


The Bosch Purpose

  • We are passionate about creating a positive lasting difference for our staff, our clients and communities.
  • We deliver local integrated project solutions to an international client base.
  • We pursue excellence, innovation and extraordinary service through authentic people.
  • We establish lasting relationships with our clients by exceeding their expectations and achieving exceptional results.

The Bosch Way

  • Client relationships are central to our business.
  • We encourage our people to grow, have fun and reach their full potential.
  • We do everything with integrity, trust and respect.
  • We have a passion for excellence.
  • Innovation is at the heart of our business.
  • We deliver beyond expectations.
  • We embrace transformation.
  • Sustainability is core to how we do business.
  • Teamwork is critical to success.
  • We are authentic.


The Bosch Way encourages growth and excellence in our people, and sustainability in what we do. As a South African employer, we ensure that our management and ownership reflect the diversity of our people. Black staff are encouraged to grow to their highest potential in technical, management and shareholding roles, via skills development and individual mentoring.  Bosch Projects  is assessed by an independent rating agency Empowerdex as a Level 1 or 125% recognition level (value adding enterprise).

The Bosch Projects procurement policy is based on preference being given to purchasing from organisations that have made progress with transformation in support of the BBBEE Act

The company is committed to assisting with the development of emerging businesses (Enterprise Development) in accordance with the Construction Charter.

Download our latest BBBEE certificate


Health & Safety

Bosch Projects  subscribes to the Bosch Holdings Health and Safety Policy and is committed to creating a safe and healthy working environment to minimise the risk of danger and injury to employees and the public and to prevent the loss of life and/or property of the Group.

All Safety, Health Environment, Risk and Quality (SHERQ) management appointees are backed by the full support of management.


Board of Directors

Mike Gibbon Chairman
Rajen Ramchuran Director
Andrew Cruickshank Non Executive Director
Allen Liversage Company Secretary
Viloshnee Singh Non Executive Director

Ports & Terminals

Bosch Projects provides cost effective and best practice engineering solutions for Ports & Terminals. We have developed a long and successful history of successful project delivery within the Ports & Terminals Sector and apply our experience across the full logistics chain.

Consulting Engineering:

  • Logistics Studies and modelling
  • Feasibility / Front end studies
  • FEA design and certification
  • Specialised Equipment Design.

Bulk Materials Handling:

  • Train and vehicle offloading stations
  • Conveyor and transfer design
  • Dust emmission control and extraction equipment
  • Store and stockyard design
  • Bin and silo design
  • Material reclaim systems
  • Sampling system design
  • Out loading design to ship, rail and vehicle.

Unit and Freight handling and storage:

  • Vehicle docking loading and unloading stations
  • Warehouse and storage design
  • Container handling equipment
  • High load flooring and yard designs
  • Unit handing equipment
  • High mast and area lighting design
  • Refrigerated container stacking areas.

Liquid bulk handling and storage:

  • Loading and unloading stations
  • Tank design
  • Firefighting systems
  • Pumping systems design

Major Achievements:

  • Construction of a 30 000m2 storage area with a central 347m long x 14m high partition wall on a pile and basal reinforcement solution for heavy density storage of 600 000t of chrome ore.  Stacking with a motorised 24m high wing tipper and reclaim via belt conveyors at 2 500t/hr.
  • A fully serviced hectare trucking staging facility, capable of handling up to 120 trucks.
  • The modification and reconfiguration of two existing ship loaders to suit a revised wharf layout consisting of a new 33t substructure with a 14m wheel base between the landslide and seaside legs to give the loader an increased vertical lift of 1.32m and a horizontal seaward shift of 4m.


Leaders in providing Client-focused sugar engineering solutions

Bosch Projects’ Sugar Sector is internationally renowned for providing creative and Client-focused sugar engineering and technology solutions in the following areas:

  • Sugar cane production and agribusiness
  • Cane sugar mills and refineries
  • Sugar technology development and equipment supply
  • Cogeneration
  • Ethanol

With offices in the UK, Brazil, South Africa and Kenya, we have designed and implemented small and large-scale greenfield and brownfield projects globally. These cost-effective, quality solutions encompass the best in innovative engineering. The result is efficient and reliable performance that meets our Clients’ needs every time. With more than 58 years in the sugar industry, we have honed an impressive range of capabilities and services which include:

Strategic Planning and Feasibility Studies

  • Fatal flaws analysis, pre-feasibility, feasibility and bankable feasibility studies.
  • Evaluation of techno/economic factors affecting sugar, ethanol, co-generation and by-product production at brownfield and greenfield sugar factories.
  • Strategic input to Client’s teams as required.
  • Due diligence appraisals of sugar factories for investment purposes
  • Lenders technical adviser
  • Project structuring and funding.
  • Factory technical audits

Sugar Technology Selection

  • Techno/economic evaluation of equipment and new technologies to maximise return on investment.
  • Appraisal and introduction of appropriate Brazilian technology to Clients (sugar and ethanol) through our Brazilian office.
  • Specific R&D requirements in conjunction with the Client
  • By-product development

Design and Engineering

  • Multi-disciplinary integrated design and engineering capabilities
    Energy and mass balance modelling (sugar, ethanol and co-generation)
  • Sugar process engineering
  • 3D laser scanning
  • Process Flow Diagrams (PFDs) and Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&IDs)
  • Front End Engineering Design (FEED)
  • Brownfield factory capacity upgrades and performance improvements
  • Factory thermal energy improvements
  • Steam and power generation plant integration and cogeneration
  • Design of new, high efficiency, low cost sugar factories, ethanol plants and refineries
  • Design of sugar handling, conditioning and storage silos, packaging and warehousing plants
  • Advanced design capacity including CAD 3D modelling
  • Design of trash separation and recovery systems
  • Electrical network capacity studies for plant expansions
  • Power system modelling / simulations using PowaMaster and DigiSilient software
  • Grid connected generation compatibility studies
  • Lighting designs
  • Power factor correction designs
  • Design of 132kV – 33kV substations and switchyards
  • Design of HV/MV overhead lines up to 132kV
  • General plant MV and LV distribution design
  • Design of motor control centres (E&I)

Project Delivery

  • Owners Engineer Role
  • Project and construction management for small- and large-scale projects
  • HAZOP studies
  • Project planning and schedule management
  • Change control
  • Cost control
  • Quality management (ISO Certified)
  • Health and safety management
  • Compilation of a suite of FIDIC, NEC3 and bespoke contracts
  • Technical and commercial tender adjudication
  • Contract administration
  • Procurement management
  • EPCM contract implementation

Operational Support and Training

  • Diffuser and mills performance improvement programmes
  • Process audits and troubleshooting
  • Operations planning
  • Engineering and laboratory audits
  • Best practice benchmarking
  • Management of performance improvement projects
  • Temporary operational staff placements
  • Training (through Bosch Ulwazi)

Steve Rosettenstein: Sector Director – Sugar

Sugar Equipment

Leading technology at the heart of our Client’s performance

Working closely with our dedicated research and development department, Bosch Projects has developed a state-of-the-art equipment range that delivers cost effective, high efficiency performance and industry leading reliability to our Clients. Our innovative equipment includes the patented CVP, patented chainless diffuser, lamella clarifier and our vertical reheater to mention a few of the leading technologies which we offer.

Extensive operational and design experience ensures that our sugar equipment is continuously optimized to meet the needs of our Clients’ continuous improvement initiatives. Over 300 items of Bosch Projects equipment have been installed since 2002 and are operating successfully in Asia, Africa, and North and South America, through our global manufacturing and supply chain.

Our equipment range includes the following:

Cane Offloading & Preparation

  • Cane unloaders
  • Feeder tables
  • Rock and sand removal systems
  • Cane preparation equipment
  • Whole-stick and heavy-duty cane shredders

Cane Juice Extraction

  • The patented Bosch Projects chainless diffuser
  • Rotary juice screens

Juice Heating

  • Mixed juice, clear juice and scalding juice heaters
  • Direct contact heaters


  • Lamella clarifier
  • Short retention type clarifiers
  • Ash water clarifiers


  • Long tube evaporators
  • Modular evaporators
  • Entrainment separators
  • Roberts evaporators
  • Steam transformers


  • Continuous vacuum pans (A, B & C duty)
  • Batch pans
  • Vertical crystallisers
  • Vertical C massecuite reheaters
  • Strike receivers
  • Seed receivers
  • Minglers

Sugar Drying

  • Sugar dryers

Boilers & Bagasse Handling

  • Bagasse reclaim systems
  • Sieve plate scrubbers
  • Bagacillo screens

General Equipment

  • Condensate receivers
  • Entrainment separators
  • Conveyors
  • Knock-out pots

Refinery Equipment

  • Melt heaters
  • Batch pans
  • Evaporators
  • Remelters
  • Dryers
  • Refined sugar conditioning silos

Neil du Plessis: Sector Manager – Sugar Equipment

Land Developments

Bosch Projects’ long and successful history in land developments has added value to our client base that stretches throughout South Africa and into Africa. Land development projects range from large mixed-use urban developments (up to 2000ha), new CBD’s, upmarket housing estates, affordable housing estates to subsidised housing.

The services provided by Bosch Projects cover the full spectrum of the development cycle. This includes engineering input to the developer’s professional team to optimize township layouts, obtain environmental approvals, secure provision of bulk services via services agreements with service providers, and obtain township establishment approvals, followed by design and implementation of the infrastructure services Bosch Projects has in-depth knowledge of development establishment processes, ensuring seamless integration with the development teams. We have special technical
skills in all elements of development services, including earthworks, roads, water, sewer, electricity, streetlighting, stormwater and communications, ensuring an integrated ‘one-stop shop’ for developers. The services can also include the top structures (see ‘Buildings’).

Sustainable developments are high on our agenda, with Bosch Projects having considerable exposure to the latest in renewable energy, options to minimise energy use, the re-use of water coupled with advance sanitation options, harvesting and storing of rainwater amongst other initiatives. We also promote the ‘smart city’ concept.

In-house water resource specialists ensure that sensitive wetland and rivers are protected by application of rigorous stormwater controls based on SUDs principles.

Bosch Projects can undertake the following aspects of projects:

  • Engineering input at development assembly stage including services availability and feasibility costing
  • Working with development team and other BEP’s to obtain environmental and planning approvals
  • Design and planning of all infrastructure services to incorporate sustainability, including potential ‘smart city’ elements
  • Services include earthworks platforms and roads, stormwater (SUD’s), water and sanitation (recycling of elements), electricity and streetlighting (including renewables), communications,
  • Structures
  • Procurement and construction administration
  • Project management
  • Financial viability assessments and assistance in capital raising via Bosch Capital

Major Achievements

  • Bridge City Town Centre – a new 43 ha CBD encompassing a rail station and commercial areas, hospital, magistrates court and mixed use
  • Ntshongweni Urban Development – a 2000ha mixed use development incorporating sustainable and smart city concepts
  • Mount Edgecombe Retirement Village – a 260 unit village, including integrating all the top-structure designs with the earthworks, retaining walls and infrastructure.
  • Brettenwood Estate – a 100ha upmarket development providing some 600 residential opportunities
  • Royal Palm Estates – 600ha residential and mixed-use development, including water and sanitation bulk services and dams
  • Bridge City Business Estate – a 13ha light industrial estate adjacent to the Bridge City Town Centre
  • Wells Estate – infrastructure to a 1750 unit low income development
  • Manor Estate – a 350 unit middle income residential estate
  • Hawaan Forest Estate – 25 unit high income residential estate, with groundbreaking rigorous stormwater controls using SUDS principles
  • Siyembezi Housing – 1000 unit low income housing development
  • Enzwelinisha Housing – 2000 unit low income peri urban housing development
  • Darnall Village Upgrade – upgrade of all services to municipal standards for 650 unit existing village



Bosch Project has a long and successful history in roads provision, adding value for our client base that stretches throughout South Africa.

Projects undertaken include large upgrade and rehabilitation projects for the South African National Roads Agency plus major metropolitan authorities, new major urban arterial roads, new roads required to serve urban developments for large developers, rural road upgrades and internal gravel roads for large agricultural estate developers.

Services provided range from route selection, layouts and designs for new roads, plus detailed visual assessments, testing, and pavement designs for rehabilitation and upgrade projects. Coupled with technical skills, the team also has specific experience in environmentally friendly re-use of scarce resources, including the re-use of existing pavement materials, recycling of reclaimed asphalt into new asphalt mixes, and utilisation of warm-mix asphalt.

Bosch Projects can undertake the following types of projects:

  • New rural roads, including route locations and basic planning
  • Formalisation of roads in peri-urban areas
  • Upgrade of gravel roads to surfaced standards
  • New urban roads and major arterials
  • Upgrading of existing national roads
  • Rehabilitation and resurfacing of roads, from major national roads to urban streets
  • Road maintenance programmes
  • Interchange upgrades
  • Truck staging areas and industrial hardstands (container yards, etc.)
  • Roads masterplanning
  • Traffic studies
  • Accompanying stormwater infrastructure including bridges and culverts
  • Stormwater management and control, including permeable paving

Major Achievements

  • Upgrade of 42 km of national road N2 (Grahamstown to Fish River pass) on improved alignment including new culverts and bridge widening
  • Upgrade of 85km of Provincial Route R33 (Vaalwater to Lephalale) including pavement rehabilitation, road widening and culvert and bridge widening
  • Beacon Bay to Gonubie Link Road (major 4-lane greenfields urban arterial, East London)
  • Special Maintenance of N2 bypassing Port Elizabeth (28km of national road in urban environment)
  • Rehabilitation and resurfacing of 77km of urban arterials and streets in eThekwini
  • Doubling up of Thembalethu Interchange on the N2 (George)
  • Rehabilitate and resurface over 200km of various sections of the N2 stretching from south of Port Elizabeth to Mtunzini on the KZN coast
  • Major arterial roads and collector roads to new Bridge City urban development
  • Roads and Stormwater masterplan for 3 combined local municipalities in the Northern Cape
  • Concrete Truck staging area for 140 vehicles plus associated buildings (Richards Bay)


Water projects undertaken by Bosch Projects range from feasibility studies and consulting services, to engineering and project management of large water sector infrastructure projects.

The unit offers a wide range of engineering services delivered by experienced teams. These cover the full spectrum of water sector projects including water resource studies, hydrology and flood control, river abstraction, dams, water treatment, distribution, storage and pump stations. Projects cater for urban and rural water supply as well as large-scale irrigation schemes.

Bosch Projects are able to undertake the following types of projects:

  • Water resources planning and studies
  • Hydrological studies and flood control
  • Flood protection works
  • Feasibility and planning studies
  • River abstraction works
  • Water treatment works
  • Bulk water pipelines
  • Reservoirs, towers and dams
  • Pump stations and river abstractions
  • Water reticulation networks
  • Upgrading and refurbishment of existing water infrastructure
  • Urban and rural water schemes
  • Non-revenue and water demand management
  • Hydraulic analysis of water distribution networks
  • Water hammer analysis of bulk water schemes
  • Water recycling infrastructure

Major Achievements:

  • Water supply includes dams (largest 68m), pipelines 1.8m diameter), pump stations (3.25MW) and reservoirs (210Ml), treatment (30Ml/day).
  • Reticulation and assessment of non revenue water for the cities of Harare, Bulawayo, and Johannesburg.
  • Wastewater includes treatment (70Ml per day), pump stations, trunk sewers (1,5m diameter) and reticulation.
  • Project for eThekwini CABS programme serving 500 000 people received 3 international awards.
  • Storm water includes urban reticulation, attenuation facilities, SUD’s flood lines and flood protection (handling 10 000m3/s)
  • Agricultural includes, irrigation (185 000ha) drainage, agronomy and mechanisation.


Bosch Projects are involved in projects ranging from feasibility studies and consulting services to engineering and project management of large wastewater infrastructure projects for the company’s international client base, which stretches across Africa.

These cover the full spectrum of wastewater sector projects including wastewater and effluent treatment, pumpstations and pipelines, wastewater reticulation (sewers), trunk sewers and rural sanitation.

Bosch Projects are able to undertake the following types of wastewater project services:

  • Township and rural sanitation:
    • Reticulation developments, feasibility and routelocations including upgrades and rehabilitations
  • Wastewater and effluent treatment works:
    • Municipal wastewater treatment works
    • Industrial effluent treatment plants
    • Small community/rural wastewater treatment and pond system
    • Permit applications
  • Wastewater and effluent pumpstations
    • Small and large pumpstations with low and high pumping heads, including all mechanical, electrical and control equipment
  • Trunk sewers:
    • Trunk sewer designs and route locations including upgrades and rehabilitations
  • Authorisations:
    • EIA’s and discharge permits
    • Water use license applications
  • Sanitation master plans:
    • District municipalities
    • Local municipalities
    • Private developers


Bosch Projects has a long and successful history of providing engineering support to clients in the broader building sector.

Focus areas include retail and commercial buildings, offices, warehousing, up market residential estates, low cost housing, hotels, hospitals, clinics and tertiary institutions. This is applicable to both brownfield and greenfield sites.

Our services include assisting our clients in obtaining development rights, and implementing the engineering for the infrastructure and top structures necessary to bring a development to fruition.

We have the required engineering skills to undertake site enablement services, top structures (steel and concrete), full building services including HVAC, fire protection, refrigeration, elevators, escalators, kitchens, laundry’s, electrical, lighting, wet services, BMS (Building Managements Systems) and DMS (Demand Side Management), sustainability solutions including PV, smart grids, gray and rain water harvesting and space planning, thereby ensuring a one-stop shop for clients.

Our clients include private developers, industrialists, and government institutions who are developing their urban landholdings.

Bosch Projects has in-depth knowledge of developments establishment processes, ensuring seamless integration with the development teams including that of architects, quantity surveyors and specialist project managers.


Major Achievements:

  • Serena Hotel (Nairobi, Kenya) – 200 room refurbishment and additional top floor added.
  • Westgate Shopping mall (Nairobi, Kenya) – refurbishment of mall after terror attack, new parking area and shopping center, and underground infrastructure for new 21 story apartment building.
  • Coega Office building (Port Elizabeth, South Africa) – new 6 floor building.
  • Refurbishment of a 53 000m2  office park (Johannesburg, South Africa).
  • Mzuri luxury residential estate (Capetown, South Africa) consisting of 244 units total cost R500 million.
  • Kindlewood retirement village (Durban, South Africa) – 260 units and frail care centre, total cost R800 million.
  • Sumitomo Tyres warehousing (Ladysmith, South Africa) – 32 000m2 factory expansion.


Bosch Projects is focused on providing project services and packaged solutions to its diverse industrial client base including the chemical, process ,FMCG, light and heavy industry, pulp and paper, and mining sectors. These are delivered utilizing full in-house multidisciplinary engineering and project management resources.

Bosch Projects are able to undertake the following types of projects:

  • Process and chemical plant designs and upgrades
  • FMCG plant upgrades
  • Bulk materials handling including conveyors and other handling plant, train and truck offloading stations, dust emission control and extraction plants, stores and stockyards, bins and silos reclaim systems, material sampling equipment, and out loading facilities for ships, rail and trucks
  • Specialised materials handling equipment plant
  • Liquid bulk handling and storage facilities, tanks, loading and unloading stations
  • Unit and freight handling and storage installations
  • Logistics studies and modelling
  • General  factory industrial services such as fire services, compressed air plants, potable water , pumping and power installations.

Major Achievements:

  • Designed a 32 000m2 factory space with 10km of process piping.
  • Construction of a 4MWe Biogas plant, which is the largest in Africa.
  • Designed a 42MW power plant integrated to both the factory and the Eskom grid for Mondi.
  • We have worldwide experience in the FMCG industries having designed rum plants in the Caribbean, alcohol plants in East Africa and modifications to margarine plants in West Africa and breweries in South Africa.
  • Designed a 750 000 tpa sugar packing plant in Egypt that produced and distributed a peak of 72 000 packs per hour.


Bosch Projects has developed a long and successful track record in agriculture and in particular, the sugar industry. This capacity adds value to our global client base that stretches from Africa to the Americas and the Pacifc Rim. Projects undertaken range from feasibility studies and consulting services, to large construction and upgrade projects. The division offers a wide range of services delivered by a very experienced team. These services range from site selection, design, layouts, through to a fully developed project, including tried and tested production techniques. A full range of harvesting and transport systems, designed to integrate with factory requirements, offers clients a complete solution to their development

Coupled with technical engineering skills, the team also has a wide range of managerial skills in production management and knowledge transfer areas of small and out grower development and large estate management.

Bosch Projects can undertake the following types of projects:

  • Financial and Economic Feasibility Studies
  • Hydrological Studies and Reviews
  • Soil Surveys and Nutrition
  • Greenfield Projects as well as Vertical and Horizontal Expansion Projects
  • Abstraction and Bulk Water Supply
  • Irrigation and Drainage Design
  • Design of Irrigation Canals and Delivery Systems
  • Haulage and in-field roads to serve large agricultural estates
  • Infield and Road Transport
  • Infield Mechanisation
  •  Agronomic and Technical Reviews
  • Out Grower Schemes and Development
  •  Estate Management
  •  Agricultural Waste Management
  •  Environmental Consulting


Bosch Projects is at the forefront of developments in the Energy Sector, including Renewable Energy, and can demonstrate a long history of implementing successful projects in this sector. Our expertise extends from power generation through to transmission and distribution, utilizing a wide range of fuel sources, including renewables. One of our unique strengths is the design and implementation of IPP grid connections which comply with local and international embedded generation codes.

With regard to waste to energy conversion, we have entered into a biogas technology license agreement with ComBigaS of Denmark which enhances our ability to provide the latest anaerobic digestion biogas power systems. We actively seek opportunities to apply our skills in the expanding natural gas sector, as well as in the beneficiation of municipal solid waste to biogas.

Comprehensive expertise gained in combined heat and power, co-generation and energy efficiency applications in the sugar and pulp & paper industries enable us to effectively provide solutions for any biomass power system. We are also capable of providing high quality, cost-effective on- and off-grid solar power solutions for industrial as well as commercial and residential complexes.

Additional capabilities include multi-disciplinary engineering skills that can be applied from conceptualization, through feasibility stage, to design and project implementation. We are also able to provide access to project funding and IPP SPV structuring support.

Our ability to rapidly deploy a full suite of multi-disciplinary engineering service’s under one roof offers significant benefits to our Clients.

We specialize in:

• Feasibility Studies
• Combined heat and power (CHP)
• Anaerobic digestion power plants
• Biogas digester power plants
• Spent digestate utilization systems
• Solar PV energy harvesting systems
• Power evacuation and grid connection systems
• Energy and mass balance calculations
• Cogeneration options
• Biomass power systems
• Low, medium and high voltage system design and implementation
• Power transmission, distribution and substation design and implementation
• Load flow and protection studies

Project Management & Engineering

Project Management

Bosch Projects has a wide range of experience in providing Project Management services in all of the business sectors that the company operates. These can be delivered either as a combination with our other engineering disciplines or standalone. We are very conversant with both EPCM or EPC contracts.

Our project management systems are based on the PMBOK framework and aim to ensure our client’s project objectives are met in terms of safety, scope, quality, cost and time parameters. Whether the project is large, complex or multidisciplinary, we will strive to add the value required to ensure a successful project.

We can provide the following services to clients:

• Project Management
• Program Management – management of multiple linked projects for benefits realization
• Procurement and Contract Services (strategy and contract administration in all forms of contract)
• Risk Management
• Quality assurance
• Projects control including Cost and Schedule Management
• Construction management


Bosch Projects utilises state-of-the-art technology / software engineering packages for all of our engineering designs including process, mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and control, hydraulics, structural, civil and road pavements etc.

We also utilize Building Information Modeling (BIM) processes, to ensure that our engineering projects are implemented intelligently, accurately and efficiently. As part of this process we use in- house 3D laser scanning technology to survey complex structures, piping, equipment, buildings, bridges and tunnels providing fast and accurate as-built data of existing facilities. This information is used as a basis for the development of an intelligent 3D model which integrates the engineering information and deliverables of all engineering disciplines into one, single environment. This intelligent model interfaces with time and cost management tools to add 4D and 5D BIM processes into the package of services which we can offer. All of this brings value to our clients by minimizing errors and reducing engineering time during the design phase, minimizing wastage and time during the construction phase and preserving information for the owner or operator after project handover.