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Bosch Munitech offers services to the public and private sectors geared at ensuring a sustainable future

According to the Government’s latest Financial and Fiscal Commission report, the most vulnerable municipalities in South Africa are rural villages, small towns and secondary cities. Rural areas are particularly vulnerable due to their dependency on climate-sensitive resources, such as water and an agrarian landscape. Climate change negatively affects water availability and quality, which in turn,…


Bosch Munitech consults with local municipality on improving waste management services

The Bosch Munitech team recently consulted with the eMalahleni Local Municipality in Mpumalanga to assess ways in which the level of waste management services could be improved within their municipal area. The assessment was compiled using the public comparator model as well as an alternate external model. The public comparator model includes all waste management…

laser scanner

The new Dell Rugged Extreme Tablet 7220 arrives!

We have just received our new Dell rugged extreme tablet 7220 and have loaded the dedicated Faro scene software license onto it. This tablet was launched in October 2019, making it the latest technology on the market and one of the most advanced rugged tablets available. It has a unique design with two batteries which…


Bosch Munitech undertakes a Solid Waste Management Assessment for Local Municipality

Bosch Munitech recently undertook a solid waste management assessment for Steve Tshwete Local Municipality.  This study was aimed at improving the efficiency of waste management services offered within the municipal.  The Bosch Munitech team provided a compilation of detailed analysis of various social, scientific and technical models.  These included status quo analysis, public participation processes,…


Building a bridge within a week

A solution was needed for a new 165m long pipe bridge to carry a 500mm diameter irrigation pipe across the Mkuze River in northern Kwa-Zulu Natal.  Our client approached us for an alternative solution to an initial costly solution.  After a site inspection and a valuable engineering investigation, Bosch Projects suggested a new steel bridge…

LIV Village

LIV - SQWe support LIV Village as one of our primary Enterprise Development initiatives.

LIV is an initiative which provides holistic residential care for orphaned and vulnerable children to Rescue a child, Restore a life, Raise a leader, and Release a star.

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