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Diffuser Expansion Project

CLIENT: UCL Company (Pty) Limited

LOCATION: Dalton, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa


Services Provided:

  • Engineering and design;
  • Project management;
  • Contract management;
  • Procurement and expediting;
  • Construction management; and
  • Commissioning.

Project Scope:

As part of the Client’s 175 TCH factory expansion project, additional throughput was required for the Bosch Projects Chainless Diffuser which was achieved by widening the diffuser. Bosch Projects undertook the design, supply, project management, construction management, installation and commissioning of the diffuser widening project. The entire side structure, all troughs/trays, the majority of all piping and ancillaries such as the kicker and dewatering drum were designed for the new duty and replaced.

Bosch Projects supplied the following equipment as part of the diffuser expansion:

  • New and relocated stage juice spray pipes and process piping;
  • All new 3CR12 troughs, side-walls and roof sections;
  • All new structure on one side of the diffuser, including extension of the existing rafters;
  • New juice distribution system, including fully adjustable juice launders allowing optimum process control;
  • Additional lifting screws;
  • A new dewatering drum;
  • A new kicker;
  • Additional hydraulic cylinders, pumps and piping;
  • New hydraulic structures;
  • New walkways and access ways;
  • New civils and foundation works; and
  • Relocation of pumps and piping to suit the updated design

The project duration was 8 months from August 2020 to March 2021.


  • The first patented Bosch Projects chainless diffuser retrofit was completed in 2006. The same diffuser has been widened to increase capacity by 25%;
  • Worlds first widened diffuser;
  • Bosch Projects Draft juice rotary screen to replace existing DSM screens;
  • Order commissioned within 8 months, including full design, project and construction management, fabrication, installation and new civil and foundation works;
  • Improved stage juice piping design;
  • New and improved juice distribution system;
  • Seamless start-up with very limited hot-commissioning required; and
  • All performance targets met resulting in improved extraction.

Project Value: R 31.5 million (USD 2.23m).