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Fire Risk Assessment


LOCATIONS: Sunbake Bakery, Pretoria West; Millbake Flour Mills, Pretoria West; Sunbake Bakery, Rustenburg; EPOL Plant, Rustenburg; EPOL Plant, Pietermaritzburg

TYPE OF CONTRACT: Professional Engineering Services

Services Provided:

  • Conduct site inspections and identify fire risks and non-compliances to current SANS (South African National Standards) and related NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) regulations;
  • Prepare findings and mitigation reports;
  • Review and comment on Client’s insurer and ASIB’s (Automatic Sprinkler Inspection Bureau) respective fire risk assessment reports; and
  • Prepare high level budgets for proposed mitigations.

Project Description:

The facilities which were inspected comprise of various types of installations of which some are listed below:

  • Electrical installations: MCCs, switchgear, transformers, computer server rooms, electronic installations, etc;
  • Mechanical installations: Boilers, compressors, conveyors, diesel generators, etc;
  • Processing and production areas: Packing areas, dry product tanker loading bays, hoppers, laboratories, milling and grinding facilities, etc;
  • Storage areas: Flammable liquid and chemical stores, warehouses, spares stores, bag stores, gas cylinder stores, tanks and tank farms, etc;
  • High risk areas: Silo intakes, fuel stations, oil extraction plant, etc; and
  • General areas: Offices, waste areas, gate houses, etc.


  • Risks identified and proposed mitigations were presented for each site in separate reports;
  • Risks were prioritised based on risk allocations ranging from low to extreme in terms of severity;
  • Budget estimates presented, assisted the client with financial planning; and
  • Reports provided guidance to the client to ensure legal compliance with relevant Statutory Regulations.