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3D laser scanning is becoming vital to all aspects of the construction lifecycle. Firstly, in many instances as-build drawings are outdated or even non-existent hence having 3D Scanning done will be the initial step in understanding what infrastructure is presently available. Then having this 3D scan data from site imported into design software will facilitate the redesign or reconstruction process. The 3D scanning model could provide the project team with accurate spatial data on the existing building and identify the critical zone for demolition, which helps to reduce planning time and safety hazards. With a 3D laser scanner construction element such as pipes, HVAC, structural components, flooring, and other specialties match the initial design. If the installations do not match the initial agreed design, the scanner data can also bring to light errors, making them easy to fix.

Periodic scanning during the entire construction phase of the project can illustrate construction milestones and also share information via a virtual tour. This information can be shared online which will limit the need to have onsite meetings to discuss project progression.  Ultimately, it can be seen that 3D Scanning is key to achieving successful construction projects.