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We are focused on providing cost effective and best practice engineering solutions for Ports & Terminals.  We have developed a long and successful history of successful project delivery within the Ports & Terminals Sector and apply our experience across the full logistics chain.

Our Capabilities

Consulting Engineering:

  • Logistics Studies and modelling;
  • Feasibility / Front end studies;
  • FEA design and certification; and
  • Specialised Equipment Design.

Bulk Materials Handling:

  • Train and vehicle offloading stations;
  • Conveyor and transfer design;
  • Dust emission control and extraction equipment;
  • Store and stockyard design;
  • Bin and silo design;
  • Material reclaim systems;
  • Sampling system design; and
  • Out loading design to ship, rail and vehicle.

Unit and Freight handling and storage:

  • Vehicle docking loading and unloading stations;
  • Warehouse and storage design;
  • Container handling equipment;
  • High load flooring and yard designs;
  • Unit handing equipment;
  • High mast and area lighting design; and
  • Refrigerated container stacking areas.

Liquid bulk handling and storage:

  • Loading and unloading stations;
  • Tank design;
  • Firefighting systems; and
  • Pumping systems design.

Major Achievements:

  • Construction of a 30 000m2 storage area with a central 347m long x 14m high partition wall on a pile and basal reinforcement solution for heavy density storage of 600 000t of chrome ore.  Stacking with a motorised 24m high wing tipper and reclaim via belt conveyors at 2 500t/hr.
  • A fully serviced hectare trucking staging facility, capable of handling up to 120 trucks.
  • The modification and reconfiguration of two existing ship loaders to suit a revised wharf layout consisting of a new 33t substructure with a 14m wheel base between the landslide and seaside legs to give the loader an increased vertical lift of 1.32m and a horizontal seaward shift of 4m.

Dave Chappelow chappelowd@boschholdings.co.za