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Bosch Projects was appointed by the City of Cape Town Metro to assist with the planning, design and implementation of almost 100 projects, over the last two years.

To achieve this mandate, Bosch Projects acted as lead consultant and engineers in a consortium of 23 professional companies, covering 31 building services disciplines.

These projects were focused on delivery of the city’s mandate for serving communities, by upgrading existing facilities and establishing new infrastructure. This included the construction of new libraries, upgrading service centres, renewing, and establishing new sport facilities, improving community parks and building new emergency centres and fire stations.

During the challenging times of the COVID 19 pandemic, the Bosch Projects team was also asked to assist with emergency upgrades to community clinics for the treatment of patients. The severity of the pandemic also necessitated expansion of various cemeteries and the installation of more incinerators.

Community projects not only included essential facilities in the city, but also addressed the housing needs of communities, through the planning of nearly 8 000 low-income houses.

The success of this programme has been achieved through collaboration and close working relationships between the city and Bosch Projects, with the Bosch Projects team drawing on vast experience within the Bosch Holdings group.