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Cane unloaders typically operate for 24 hours per day, up to 300 days in a season and with a cycle time of a s little as 1.5 minutes per trailer. Naturally subject to cyclic fatigue, they must be designed to be extremely robust. When chain net-type trailers are used, the cane unloader must also overcome a ‘breakout’ force caused by cane compressed inside the trailer, which can equate to almost three times the trailer payload. The rated capacity of a can unloader must then be much more than the trailer payload.

The Bosch Project Cane Unloader is available in three models:

  • A stationary unloader suitable for roll-bin trailers;
  • A stationary model incorporating a clamping bar, suitable for chain-net trailers; and
  • A mobile track-mounted model.

These cane unloaders are designed using the highest degree of fatigue tolerance to withstand even the largest breakout loads. The mechanical parts such as ropes, winches and bearings have significant overload capacity, and the simple structure can be easily transported for on-site assembly. A single operator mans a control desk situated conveniently neat the unloader. The lifting bar is custom built to suit the dimensions of the trailers being used. Lifting capacities range from 15 to 40 tons.