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The advantages of continuous pan boiling 

  • Control simplicity: Pan steam and vacuum are constant and the product in each compartment is maintained at constant brix and crystal content;
  • Product quality: Steady state operation provides predictable crystal growth;
  • Steam savings: Steam demand is steady with few stops;
  • There is no wasteful steaming out between boiling’s and no breaking/re-establishing vacuum;
  • Energy savings: The low boiling head and high heating surface/volume ratio allows the use of lower grade vapour than required for batch pans;
  • Operator savings: There are minimal operator requirements no cutting over, no discharging and recharging, no charging of feedstocks;
  • Space savings: Typically CVPs require 50 – 60% of the pan floor space needed for equivalent batch pan capacity.

Special features of the Bosch Projects CVP

  • Built-in heating beneath calandria: The steam heated condensate chamber provides additional heating to the c massecuite beneath the calandria, promoting circulation and inhibiting crystal build-up in this area. (the extra heated area is equal to approximately 4% of the tube surface);
  • High heating surface, low steam pressure: The heating surface area/volume ratio in the standard Bosch Projects designs is higher than offered by most competitors. This enables the Bosch Projects pan to operate successfully on V3 at 85 kPa abs;
  • Smooth massecuite flows: The massecuite flow path configuration provides smooth ‘plug’ flow with no stagnant zones;
  • Operator friendly: All valves and controls are easily accessed from the control platform – not underneath the pan. Clear site glasses provide good visibility of the process;
  • Vertical tubes: These stimulate good circulation, are slow to foul but easily cleaned when necessary, and have minimal maintenance requirements.