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Dimple Tube technology, patented by Bosch Projects, increases the heating surface area by 15% and increases the turbulence and heat transfer in shell and tube heat exchangers.

Integrating the Dimple Tubes into batch and continuous vacuum pans improves evaporation rates, energy usage, massecuite circulation, crystal quality and exhaustion while reducing pan cycle time and improving processing capacity.

This technology has been installed into an existing batch pan and has been operational for 3 seasons. Results from testing shows an increase in heat transfer of over 50% at the start of batch pan cycles and over 20% towards the end of batch pan cycles. This results in an overall batch pan cycle time improvement of over 30% which improves pan floor capacity significantly.

Graining volume
A slight decrease in graining volume, as opposed to a significant increase in graining volume as found with competing technologies.  Lower graining volume reduces initial thermal inertia at the start of the pan cycle, which can significantly improve overall pan floor performance.

Simple retubing installation
This technology is simply retrofitted to an existing vacuum pan, without the need for extensive modifications to the vessel or shell for installation. Pan floor capacity can be improved without the need for extensive vessel modifications, new vessels or the required structural and piping changes resulting from new equipment.

Manufactured to client requirements
The Dimple Tubes are manufactured to client requirements by Bosch Projects in varying lengths to suit existing or new equipment. Automated manufacturing is in-house, controlled and rigorously monitored with tests conducted to ensure product quality.