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The Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality appointed Bosch Projects as consulting engineers for the phase two of the Driftsands collector sewer augmentation contract. The subsequent augmentation contract was awarded to HT Pelatona Projects.

Bosch Projects successfully implemented the augmentation of the phase one contract, which was constructed by WK Construction and was commissioned in August 2019.  This six phased project will entail the installation of 4.2km of new sewer pipes that  are 1 500mm and 1 200mm in diameter.  The phase two project entails augmentation of the existing 1 050mm diameter line with 925m of 1 500mm concrete HDPE-lined sewer.

The new phase two sewer line passes through premises belonging to Airports Company of South Africa (ACSA), who are currently planning the expansion of the existing Chief Dawid Stuurman Airport.

The Phase two portion of the sewer pipeline had to therefore be diverted to accommodate a future runway.  The project also entails the construction of 13 manhole structures, one diversion chamber and 80 000m3 of bulk earthworks.

This project, with an estimated construction value of R75 million, commenced in June 2019 and is anticipated to be completed by July 2022.