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Harmony Flats Nature Reserve

CLIENT: City of Cape Town

LOCATION: Strand, Western Cape

TYPE OF CONTRACT: Professional Engineering and Project Management Services

Services Provided:

  • Research and Development (Green Solutions)
  • Cost Estimates and Budgeting
  • Engineering, Design and Coordination

Project Scope:

Bosch Projects was appointed by the City of Cape Town to provide Coordination, Structural, Civil, Transport, Geotechnical, Electrical, Mechanical, Fire Engineering, Occupational Health and Safety, Quantity Surveying, Architectural, Green Accredited Professional, Landscape Architectural, and Specialist Wind studies for the Harmony Flats Nature Reserve project.

The Harmony Flats Nature Reserve development consisted of four new buildings, including an Admin Block, Support and Rangers Block, a Guard House, and a Multi-purpose venue. A wind assessment was conducted to determine the effect that wind will have on the proposed structures due to the seasonal high wind speeds experienced in the area. The primary goal of the project was to achieve a Public and Education Buildings (PEB) rating and a Net Zero Carbon rating. To attain these ratings, various sustainable interventions have been implemented, i.e. rainwater harvesting used for irrigation, and a black water treatment plant to treat greywater for reuse in toilet cisterns. Additionally, lighting pollution was limited by means of green lighting alternatives. In terms of domestic hot water, heat pumps were utilized. To meet the requirements for Green Status, the overall energy consumption figures have been minimized. Biomass Insulated Concrete (BIC) was utilized throughout the development to limit the emissions and carbon footprint of conventional concrete.


  • Green Star PEB & Net Zero target
  • Innovative design alternatives

Project Value: R 30 million.