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Mondi: 3rd Steam Turbine

CLIENT: Mondi, Richards Bay

LOCATION: Richards Bay, KZN, South Africa



Services Provided:

  • Scope Definition
  • Cost Estimates
  • Engineering and Design
  • Construction Management
  • Commissioning


Project Scope:

The purpose of this project was to install a new 42MW Extraction Condensing Steam Turbine with alternator to generate sufficient power to make the Mill completely power independent. The turbine was designed to utilise 85 bar(a), 488°C steam from the existing boilers. Mondi appointed Bosch Projects as the overall EPCM contractor for the project and balance of plant engineering. In addition to the turbine-alternator set, the major equipment to be installed included a new 60MW Cooling Tower, HVAC system and new air compressors to supply the Mill’s total compressed air demand. Bosch Projects’ Mechanical engineering developed the plant layouts and designed all the interconnecting process pipelines including the HP steam piping routes, condensate piping, water and air lines. Detail mechanical installation general arrangements were also developed for the equipment installations. Balance of plant included general utilities such as fire and overhead travelling cranes, diesel back up generator. Each engineering discipline was involved in the procurement process for adjudication, and selection of suppliers and discipline specific installation contractors. The Bosch team ensured these suppliers conformed to the Clients requirements and standards throughout the project. Planning and incorporation of each suppliers program into the overall schedule was part of Bosch Projects responsibility. Construction management and co-ordination of third party certification was provided throughout the construction phase and commissioning. Design was from conceptual philosophy to construction drawings, through to as built data packs. The project commenced in May 2012 with a completion 18 months later at the end of November 2013.


Project Value: R295 million