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Royal Palm Estates Development

CLIENT: Royal Palm Property Holdings

LOCATION: Tinley Manor, KwaZulu Natal

TYPE OF CONTRACT: Professional Engineering and Project Management (EPCM)

Scope of Services Provided:

  • Assessing services demands and completing feasibility designs for planning and environmental approvals
  • Preliminary Design.
  • Cost Estimating.
  • Engineering Design.
  • Procurement.
  • Contract Administration and Construction Monitoring.
  • Commissioning/Handover.

Project Description:

Royal Palm Estates is a 600ha greenfields development incorporating some 3400 residential opportunities, a corporate park (light industrial /warehousing), an office estate, and an opportunity for a regional sized shopping centre. Design and construction is on a phased approach.

Bosch Projects, as the lead consultant of a two party JV, was responsible for the bulk civil engineering services for the entire development, as well as internal civil engineering services for portions.

Procurement, construction monitoring and contract administration is undertaken as appropriate by the JV members.


Engineering services provided by Bosch Projects include:

  • Bulk water supply, including 6.6Ml reservoir and bulk mains
  • Sewage treatment works (1Ml/day), bulk outfall mains, pump stations, and rising mains
  • Major access road upgrade design, including major intersections
  • Bulk stormwater planning, including attenuation facilities.
  • Dams and pumped irrigation supply for the development
  • Internal roads, stormwater, water, sanitation and irrigation infrastructure

Project Value: R107 million Completion Dates:  2007 and 2008 Retirement Village - Phase 1 2015