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The new Dell Rugged Extreme Tablet 7220 arrives!

We have just received our new Dell rugged extreme tablet 7220 and have loaded the dedicated Faro scene software license onto it. This tablet was launched in October 2019, making it the latest technology on the market and one of the most advanced rugged tablets available. It has a unique design with two batteries which are hot swappable meaning a depleted battery can be removed without shutting down the device. With two spare batteries and a power bank this will ensure the tablet runs uninterrupted all day. This is key for scan registration on-site using #Faro Scene software. Scans are transferred wirelessly to the tablet and processed on the go.

The tablet has both front and rear facing cameras allowing the technician to capture images on-site and together with the tethered stylus, the user can make notes and mark-up’s on the go.  We added some accessories to the device, a magnetic detachable keyboard making it a full workstation for the technician on site, as well as a rigid handle for ease of carry and a shoulder strap for hands free carry while the technician is moving the scanner from one location to another. 

This tablet is built tough with reviewers calling it “built like a tank”.  It also boasts 1000 nits screen brightness making it viewable even in direct sunlight.  Combined with our new scanner and dedicated Scene software, we now have a formidable package to streamline our scanning and registration process. 

LIV Village

LIV - SQWe support LIV Village as one of our primary Enterprise Development initiatives.

LIV is an initiative which provides holistic residential care for orphaned and vulnerable children to Rescue a child, Restore a life, Raise a leader, and Release a star.

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