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Bosch Munitech’s scanning team as well as Bosch Project’s design team collaborated in undertaking volumetric calculations at the two raw sugar storage warehouses at Tongaat Hulett Refinery. Due to the complex nature of the holding structures, a 3D model of these warehouses had to be created using the available drawings that was supplied to the design team by the client.

The next phase was to conduct 3D laser scanning at strategic vantage points in order to capture the stockpile topography.  Once the scan data had been processed, it was forwarded to the design team to overlay with their newly created 3D model of the storage warehouse.

Using specialised software, the data was analysed and the volume calculated between the topography of the pointcloud data and the complex holding structure model.

It must be noted that this was a pilot study but we are confident with our methodology as well as the outcomes of the analysis. Using this same approach, the team will undertake volumetric analysis at a much larger scale such as landfill cells.