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The International Sugar Organisations two day seminar is held each year in London in November.  Although not the largest sugar conference in the world, it is nevertheless attended by the greatest number of sugar producing countries of any conference and also attracts senior representatives from a very wide range of companies.  Focusing on a different theme each year, not only does it have a very interesting and diverse range of presentations over the two days, but it also provides an excellent opportunity to network with many stakeholders around the sugar world.

Booker Tate is on record as having attended every single ISO Seminar over the past thirty years.  Very few organisations can boast that! From humble beginnings in 1991, with around 100 attendees, the Seminar now attracts (in a normal year) over 400 delegates.

Having been an online event last year owing to the COVID 19 pandemic, ISO decided to host an ‘in person’ event this year, with the option for those who could not make it in person to attend online.

Taking the theme of ‘Innovation and Sustainability’, this year’s Seminar contained a very high standard of presentations from industry leaders across the globe and it endorsed that we work in a green, sustainable, renewable energy sector at a time when the world is looking to address the issue of climate change.

The event was an undoubted success, not least because attendees were able to network in person and meet old friends and acquaintances for the first time in almost two years.

In recognition of its 30th anniversary and our uninterrupted attendance over the life of the event, the Executive Director of the ISO, Jose Orive, who is well known to Booker Tate, invited Bosch Holdings and Booker Tate to be one of the sponsors of the Seminar. As part of the sponsorship package we were able to send two delegates (Hugh Glyn-Jones and Jonathan Innes). We enjoyed the benefit of substantial advertising and promotion, both at the conference itself and also on the ISO website for several weeks leading up to the event.  In addition, Hugh and Jonathan were invited to a VIP lunch, hosted by Credit Suisse, which provided an excellent opportunity for dialogue with a select group of fellow sponsors and other invited guests.