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This year marks the 60th anniversary for Bosch Holdings.

It is a great achievement to have reached such a significant milestone and we believe that hard work, innovation, authentic people and pursuing excellence in every aspect of our business, have been the key to our success.

We know our founders would be proud that Bosch Holdings has expanded into a global operation, offering consulting engineering, skills development, and project finance solutions, having successfully completed more than 1 000 projects in over 120 countries.

We value our team, and we encourage every person to grow, have fun and to reach their full potential, as we continue our journey together. Our relationships with clients are central to our business and we are committed to embracing the latest technologies and improving the lives of those around us, through integrated project solutions.

We ensure the successful completion of every project, in line with the highest standards, in terms of safety, quality, time and within budget restraints.

With our team’s steadfast commitment to excellence, the highest standards of service delivery and to uplifting the quality of life for people all around the world, the company is set to celebrate many more milestones in the years to come.