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Fumba Town in Zanzibar is a fully sustainable town development which is set on 150 acres of sea front.  In 2016, Bosch Projects completed the master planning for this 5000 unit development which included bulk electricity, sewer and water treatment. With a strong focus on permaculture and local communities, the team was able to continue through a worldwide pandemic and with 500 units occupied, 1200 sold and under construction, we have successfully designed and implemented:

  • Approximately 3,2kms of internal roads
  • 5.9kms of water mains
  • 5.7kms of bulk sewer mains
  • Approximately  200 manholes have been constructed
  • Numerous Stormwater rain gardens which have replaced stormwater inlets and piping.

Bosch Projects looks forward to a continued relationship with CPS growing this impressive development.