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Kilombero Out Growers’ Soils Survey

CLIENT: Kilombero Community Charitable Trust

LOCATION: Kilombero—Tanzania

TYPE OF CONTRACT: FIDC Client Consulting

Scope of Services Provided:

The main objectives was to map the soils on a 1:10,000 scale for 35 000ha and to assess their soil characteristics, and their agronomic potential for sugarcane production using best management practices.

The project took the form of a fatal flaw soil survey with soil pit observations including soil samples for chemical analysis.

The focus of the project was:

  • A standard approach and procedure in soil classification inclusive of a detailed profile description and a chemical fertility analysis.
  • Production of soil distribution maps with reference to the South African Soil Taxonomy and World Reference Base Classification systems.
  • Additional products including the following GIS maps: TAM, Soil potential/soil capability (based on the soil matrix), effective rooting depth, CEC, pH and Organix matter.
  • A report outlining the information and the potential for the soils as well as outlining the management practices for the soils.

Project Description:

To carry out a soils survey for the out growers’ areas at Kilombero.

Project Completion Date: February 2015