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Mtibwa Agricultural Expansion

CLIENT:  Mtibwa Sugar Estate Limited

LOCATION: Mtibwa Sugar Estate, Morogoro, Tanzania


  Scope of Services Provided:
  • Infrastructure planning with regards to haulage roads, drainage and irrigation layout
  • Detailed engineering design for pump stations, pipelines, overhead transmission lines and balancing dams
  • Irrigation design and bulk distribution network
  Project Description:
  • Optimizing Bulk and infield water requirements taking into account harvesting strategy and seasonal river flows
  • Overall design of 4 500ha of irrigation under pivot
  • Design of river and infield pump stations
  • Associated bulk rising mains
  • Design of primary drainage system
  • Design of two larger off-channel storage facilities
  • Design all the electrical infrastructure – including new 132kVA overhead line
Overall features of this project:
  • Greenfields project with no existing infrastructure.
  • Two (2) river pump stations with total capacity of 7 m3/s (25 200m3/hr)
  • Two (2) infield pump stations with total capacity of 19 000 m3/hr
  • Two (2) off-channel storage dams with total storage capacity of 65M m3
  • Drainage master plan for the entire area
  • Detailed design of the primary drains and outfalls
  • Staff and management village services – including offices and workshop complex
  • New 132kV line which is 70 km long.
The project was planned in 2 phases:
  • Phase 1 1770 ha under centre pivot irrigation with a total of 25 pivots
  • Phase 2 3100 ha under centre pivot irrigation with a total of 52 pivots
The irrigation system was designed to supply the following:
  • Peak monthly nett irrigation requirement:149mm
  • Daily gross irrigation requirement for centre pivot @ 85% efficiency = 5.6 mm per day