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Nairobi Serena Hotel Refurbishment of Existing Hotel

CLIENT: Serena Hotels Group Limited


TYPE OF CONTRACT: Design and Contract Overview, Procurement and Contract Supervision - Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing, Drainage and Firefighting Installations


Services Provided:

  • Bosch East Africa were requested to provide contract review, contractor selection, design review of contractors, construction monitoring and full-time supervision of the Mechanical and Electrical services in the project.
  • The selected contractors are in charge of the designs based on the previous designs provided by the client.

Project Scope:

The project is the refurbishment of the Nairobi Serena Hotel, consisting of the following;
  • Refurbishment of 199 rooms;
  • Additional 7th floor to be added;
  • Refurbishment of back of house, kitchen laundry, boiler rooms and stores;
  • Upgrade of infrastructure to accommodate refurbishment;
  • Hotel is still fully functional whilst upgrade is been carried out.

Bosch East Africa Ltd were appointed as an Engineering watching brief and supervision of construction of the following services:

  • Electrical installation i.e. lighting and power inclusive of fire detection;
  • Vertical transportation - 7 No. Lifts;
  • Mechanical air-conditioning installation – HVAC for rooms, restaurants ballrooms and conference centre;
  • Mechanical ventilation installation – kitchen extraction system, fresh air supply to rooms and ablution extraction system;
  • Wet services installation — plumbing and drainage;
  • Firefighting installation;
  • Serena Hotel upper car park, new rooms and reconfiguration assessed and evaluated plant and relocated equipment so that the plant operation and functionality are more practical from operations point of view.