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Refurbmishment of Kareedouw Water Treatment Works

CLIENT: Koukamma Local Municipality

LOCATION: Kareedouw, Eastern Cape

TYPE OF CONTRACT: Professional Engineering and Project Management Services (EPCM)

Services Provided:

  • Funding Application;
  • Planning and preliminary design;
  • Engineering design;
  • Cost estimating;
  • Procurement;
  • Contract administration;
  • Construction monitoring; and
  • Commissioning / handover.

Project Scope:

  • New fencing to the water treatment works;
  • Provision of a graveled access roadway to the water treatment works;
  • Refurbishment of the lime stabilisation tank;
  • Renovate chlorine room & new chlorination system;
  • Renovate admin building & add ablution;
  • Renovate filter building;
  • New roof to 455kl reservoir;
  • Refurbishment of motors, pumps and other mechanical equipment;
  • Clear vegetation from sludge lagoons;
  • Repairs to the concrete structures where necessary; and
  • The development of Operation and maintenance manuals.


Project Value : R 4.2 million Completion date: June 2020