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STS Container Crane Demolition

CLIENT: Rossi Engineering

LOCATION: Cape Town, South Africa

TYPE OF CONTRACT: Engineering and FEA Design

Services Provided:

  • Detail design of jacking equipment;
  • Finite element and structural analysis;
  • Calculation and certification of dismantling procedure; and
  • Setting of site safety file.

Project Scope:

  • Bosch Projects were commissioned by Rossi Engineering to assist in design and development of a novel demolition technique for portside equipment. Traditionally large cranes would be used in a top-down dismantling procedure. The jacking system allows for a staged demolition where the crane is lifted and supported with the lower sections being progressively cut away. This allows for the lowering of the crane in a bottom-up dismantling procedure without the need for high lift cranes.


  • Design and finite element modelling of jacking equipment;
  • Finite element modelling, structural analysis and design of localised STS stiffening;
  • Checking of safety files and rigging studies; and
  • Checking and certification of hydraulic jacking system.